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In this short article, you’ll discover five of the very typical errors as well as the top tips to quickly fix them and never have to take off all of your make-up. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them and that they’ll help you readily enhance your individual persona.


In the event you are completely made up, you can take off any excess base on the face by doing the following:

Lightly moisten a clean sponge with water (the sponge needs to be nearly dry and free of make-up deposits) and sponge your entire face using downward motion.

HINT: It’s really significant to prevent excess base and concealer across the eyes. To remove any excess in this region, perform exactly the same measure and then use your fingertips to gently neutralize makeup in this region.


If your eyeshadow is too much or too dark for your preference, you can fix the problem easily.

If it occurred on your top eyelid, cloud the eyeshadow toward the borders using a clean brush to decrease the color. If it still appears really dark, apply a small amount of matte cream eyeshadow using a brush.

In the event you don’t have cream eyeshadow, you can use sheer powder, and then apply eyeshadow. If as you were shadowing, you’ve left the contour of the eyelid and the shadow seems really dark, cloud it using a clean sponge and later use a little base, patting softly to repair the base.

However, if it occurred on the low section of your eye, work with a great, clean brush to shadow, or pat gently using a Q-tip.


This can be remedied by stroking your cheek using a thick, loose powder bush the brush needs to be totally clean. In the event you still have an excessive amount of blush on, apply translucent or clear powder using similar brush, only within the blush. This way both powders should combine, clarifying the first color. You’ll see how it rapidly evaporates and you don’t have to get rid of the make-up from all of your eye.


When we place a lot of make-up on our eyebrows, we look silly and rather unpleasant. To solve this, just brush the eyebrow using a clean Q-tip, going from the grain of your eyebrow. You are going to see how fast the color you initially used vanishes.