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In this short article, we’ll have a quick look at the best way to apply eyeliner with a few recommendations on reaching some great effects.

For a minimalist look, you need to apply loose powder lightly. For an even more powerful, more extreme effect, apply your favorite color across the eyes in either lotion, liquid or powder form.

In case you’d like to make use of liquid eyeliner, it’s perfectly okay. As a matter of fact, when done correctly, a liquid liner can help you achieve a funky or classy look. To apply, use your free hand, begin by pulling the eyelid tight. If you’re right-handed, it’s probably easiest that you begin applying the liquid from left-to-right like you would when writing and vice versa if you’re left handed. Draw across in one constant fine line. In the event you would like a thicker line, just retrace afterwards.

The technique when applying liquid eyeliner would be to use it as close as you possibly can to the eyelashes, running to the eyelashes. This can prevent you getting that annoying white line effect involving the lashes as well as the lining when the two don’t match.

To apply an eye pencil, pull your eyelid from the eye quite softly using a couple of fingers and draw a line across the inner eye rims. Do exactly the same with the upper and lower eyelids. Use a sharpened pencil softer because it’s simpler to use, it is possible to draw a couple of lines first on the rear of your own hand. This may soften the point and get the color flowing.

Kohl could be used in exactly the same manner with stunning effect. Subsequently, using either a sponge-tipped applicator, eyeshadow brush, as well as your fingertip, mix the shade by smudging it to produce a smokey effect.

Using liquid eyeliner does take some training, so have a bottle of makeup remover on hand while you’re still mastering the technique. As they say, practice makes perfect, and having a little perseverance as well as a secure hand will help you get there eventually.