Skinstitut Retinol

Sephora BR

Skinstitut’s Retinol promotes cell renewal in the skin by increasing collagen and elastin production which contribute to younger healthier skin. Retinol skincare products diminish visibility of fine lines and wrinkles lead to a smoother overall appearance of facial contours and more evenly-completed skin tone. Whilst Retinol is one of the most important anti-wrinkle ingredients in the cosmetic industry its use is nevertheless challenging. It is sensitive to light oxygen and heat resulting in significant loss of efficacy. Skinstitut’s encapsulated Retinol (Poly Pore 120RE) overcomes this challenge. With micro-encapsulation technology Skinstitut offer a solution that protects sensitive Retinol-based ingredients from external influences such as UV light and oxygen by enclosing them in shells made from natural biopolymers. The active substances are released gradually and thus remain active for a long period of time. The microcapsules deliver the ingredients directly to the point of action in the skin. Only when the shells are cracked by the skin’s natural enzymes is the active substance released. Containing synthetic snake venom which has excellent smoothing and fast anti-wrinkle appearence properties. Promotes Skin renewal More even Skintone Recommended for all skin types.

Price: $ 29.25
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