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Why airbrush? Using it for makeup creates a perfect face – almost as if you had taken a photo of your face and ran it through Photoshop.

How does it work? A small number of specialized base make-up is combined with a couple drops of water, and after that sprayed onto the face using a wand. The effect is an absolute, yet complete coverage. You find yourself wearing less foundation, but having a perfect finish.

Tools for Home Airbrush Use

  • Airbrush compressor
  • Airbrush wand (sometimes called a pencil)
  • Hose (connects the wand as well as the compressor)
  • Make-up base
  • Bottled water

After you have bought your kit, the only additional price is foundation, which may be about $20. Some companies do make smaller compressors, which are simpler for home use as well as for traveling.

Best Way to Use Airbrush

  1. Put several globules of base to the designated cup, as well as a couple of drops of water.
  1. Keep it going. Keep your eyes shut if you are able to.
  1. Allow it to dry. In the event you’d like, it is possible to apply another layer. After that is dry, you are all set. No requirement for finishing or placing powder.

Best Type of Base

Airbrush make-up bases come in two kinds: silicone-based and water-based. You should buy dedicated airbrush make-up – you cannot use your regular bases in these machines.

Cruelty-Free Businesses

The good thing is the fact that lots of airbrush firms make non-animal tested bases. You are able to buy airbrush-prepared rouge and eye shadow, although that will necessitate the purchase of a particular nozzle for the wand. But after your fundamental base is dry, there is no trouble utilizing your standard powder blush and eye makeup.

Airbrush Edges

Some clothing and foundations may be used on legs to hide veins and discolorations. That means no pantyhose, women! Special effects, like stencil tats, are readily applied.

Airbrush Disadvantages

It is pricey, particularly at first. In the event you are using it on yourself alone, you have got to do at least portions of the application together with your eyes shut. You do not want to get the sprays in your eyes.

Transportation. You cannot throw it into your bag like you can with mineral make-up or routine base. Should you be using airbrush make-up a lot, you may contemplate some kind of face mask. This will help protect your eyes and nose.

However, that ultra-perfect, pore-less even appearance is an extremely appealing thought. Some girls even gushed that the makeup conceals a number of wrinkles. If you would like that appearance, airbrush makeup is obviously worth a go.